For 20 years, Kalys core business is to supply natural additives and ingredients of plant origins (poly and oligosaccharides) to various industries such as food, nutrition, gastronomy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and life sciences.


Our key activity is to meet our customers’ requirements by supplying them standardized natural products and by designing tailor made functional solutions matching their needs. KALYS is able to source out any kind of plant extracts by mastering quality consistency and to identify new additives (soluble or insoluble fibres) within a high standard of quality control and trackability.


Our Added Value : Mastering the supply chain of poly and oligosaccharides


To organize the supply chain in natural products of plant origins

To characterize and standardize (in quality and quantity) new gums

To promote new functions (as texturing agent & nutritional supplements)

Certified ISO 9001 version 2008 KALYS is well-known for both its technological dimension and its pragmatic approach of business.


The Kalys' Values


KALYS has been involved in the last 20 years in the development of natural products and the promotion of plant based extracts.

KALYS' ambition is to promote reliable plant extracts for the food, the nutrition and the health sector. The company is certified ISO 9001 (V2008) for several years for both its R&D and Distribution activities.


The co-founders and the KALYS’ staff share a common vision of the company responsibility and of personal ethical behaviour. This collective cement is present in the way the company is managing its relationships with scientific, industrial and commercial partners. It builds on a high level of organization and commitment to achieve quality of service from every single employee.


Its historical development and staff dedication have contributed to make KALYS into a company that is now well recognized for its technological creativity and sense of entrepreneurship, both deeply rooted in its understanding of market realities.


The goal of the company is to promote products and develop actions in favour of people well-being and health. KALYS is committed to fair business practices and sustainable development.


Research and Development (R&D)


Kalys benefits more than 20 years of experience in working in natural raw material supplies and assessing the management of new supply chains involving plant material from all over the world.


Kalys employs food and agronomic experts to secure its supplies and characterize raw materials. Kalys has a policy of training staff to PhD level in polysaccharide biochemistry and food technology. Kalys out-sources research in some of the most outstanding facilities in Europe (e.g. at the CERMAV in Grenoble) to benefit from the best technologic and scientific environments.


Applied research garantees performance and consistent quality to food and non food applications. All strategic ingredients (Konjac, Agar, Tara...) involve a secured supply chain.


Kalys commits itself to marketing the most relevant standardized grades for its clients' specifications and applications integrating health, ethnic and religious concerns (Kosher and Halal) certified products, vegetarian, organic foods, BSE, GMO or meat-free ingredients, medical foods for metabolic disorders.


Through current projects Kalys is involved in clinical trials to bring innovative and competitive ingredients/additives, medical foods, and active plant extracts to the forefront of nutrition, medicine and pharmacy continuously improving the natural quality of life.


Innovation and quality in food paved the KALYS’ road for 20 years


March 1992

Philippe Vieille establishes KALYS Sarl with assets of 50,000 Francs (7000€)



First PhD thesis financed by the company on the certification of agars for plant cell cultures.



First European R&D programme dedicated to the supply chain of konjac for the European market.



The company equity reaches 1,65 million France. The company is in charge of developing an important outlet of agricultural products not related to the food industry.



KALYS is certified ISO (renewed every year since then), and certified ISO 9001 (V2000) in 2007.



KALYS becomes partner of CERMAV, the biggest European laboratory on the biotechnology of plant macro-molecules and carbohydrates.



KALYS is awarded an “innovative firm” label by the French Ministry of Research and technology.



KALYS is coordinator of a European programme on the nutritional applications of Konjac glucomannan with UK and Dutch partners.



KALYS signs its first co-development R&D programme with one of the top 5 world food companies. Programme still running in 2007. In 2005, the KALYS’ turnover growth rate reached 60%.



Marketing Innovation in the BtoC : An ebusiness website is launched, aimed at private customers and restaurants.



KALYS is distinguished by the Lyon Biopole competitivity cluster, for its R&D programme CARBINFEC concerning the development of sugars specifically tailored for potential application in the pharmaceutical sector of vaccine.



KALYS has registered its first patent on a new «eco friendly » process for oligosacchardies production. KALYS is awarded as a top innovative firm among 5500 exhibitors in SIAL (Paris food show.



KALYS is awarded as a top innovative firm among 8000 exhibitors in ANUGA food show (Köln, Germany).