Kalys Society

For 20 years, Kalys core business is to supply natural additives and ingredients of plant origins (poly and oligosaccharides) to various industries such as food, nutrition, gastronomy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and life sciences.


Our key activity is to meet our customers’ requirements by supplying them standardized natural products and by designing tailor made functional solutions matching their needs. KALYS is able to source out any kind of plant extracts by mastering quality consistency and to identify new additives (soluble or insoluble fibres) within a high standard of quality control and trackability.

Our Added Value : Mastering the supply chain of poly and oligosaccharides


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Life Sciences

Gel and plant Specialist, KALYS has established an in-house certification for our plant tissue culture agars based on accumulated results and experience. This method has been developed in the frame of a PhD thesis.


Food Industry

Kalys is specialised in food ingredients and additives of plant origin and more particularly in hydrocolloid gums like Agar, Konjac, Tara, Inulin to name but a few. Kalys offers a wide range of flours and extracts covering the needs of the food, Nutrition, comsetics and pharma/health industries.


Late 2006, KALYS a developed a new market outlets for its products by investigation the food, service, retail distribution in cook shops, food academies and ebusiness. A dedicated web site has been established. The KALYS gastronomie web site is dedicated to creative cuisine, also called « molecular cuisine ».